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The Body Shop free essay sample

Body Shop is a brand with a difference. Marketers consider this brand as an Icon. Body Shop has created a brand image without the aid of conventional advertising. 2006 saw this iconic brand draw up serious business plans for India. Body Shop brand was created in 1976 in Brighton United Kingdom. The brand and the brand owner share a common personality that is very much linked to each other. Anita Roddick the legendary founder of the Brand created this brand from a small shop in UK started to support her family. Body Shop in India is sold through the master franchise Planet Sports . The brand is expecting to ramp up the operations to major metros by the year 2008. Body Shop is differentiated from other conventional cosmetics by the values that the brand adheres to and the brand image created through the unique association with those values. The brand is famous for its association with ethical practices and the environment friendly world view. We will write a custom essay sample on The Body Shop or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The products reflects these values through the use of only natural ingredients and the products are never tested on animals. The ackaging and the merchandising are carefully prepared to highlight the brand values. For example , Body Shop uses refillable packs and recycled [recyclable papers. Although the use of refillable packs were used to keep the price low, it evolved into an element that reinforced the brand positioning. The brand also was careful in the messages displayed in the shop and other POP merchandises. The messages were simple, enthusiastic and informative. These elements made Body Shop a different cosmetic brand. The brand was essentially an extension of the founder herself. Anita Roddick is an ardent environmentalist and naturalist. Her views about the nature supported with her activities and associations created a positive reinforcement for the brand. Customers were seeing a brand that does things while others Just give hope. More over Body Shop was able to communicate with the customers at a higher level rising above beauty and fairness that other cosmetics talked about. There was honesty associated with the brand. The shops also reinforced this attribute. All the shops reflected an environment of honesty, excitement and fun. It is reported that Ms Anita Roddick takes personal interview with the franchises to ensure that they share the same passion with Body Shop principle. Although Body Shop is starting serious business with Indian consumers only now, the association with India dates back to the initial years itself. India was a sourcing partner for Body Shop during the creation of the brand. The success of the brand was because of the unique business model of Body Shop. The brand relies on PR and word of mouth to make sales. The Indian launch was also

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Personality and Personality Types

It is through personality that we are in the position to define an individual. Personality types on the other hand are the mode in which we study an individual through their psychology and classify them according to the groups in which they fit. Through personality, we are able to identify and know individuals, how they think and their way of acting. Personality types should not at any cost be confused with personality traits given that it is a wider term than the latter.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Personality and Personality Types specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More While personality types are qualitative in nature, personality trait focuses much on the quantitative aspects. We can at times categorize individuals as introverts or extroverts while traits will handle them as either introversion or extroversion and argues they are dynamic in nature (Edelstein, 2006). There are several personality types of and the se are generally arrived at according to the assessments by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which is a psychometric test questionnaire employed in measuring people’s perception and how they view their surroundings (Edelstein, 2006). The assessment mode borrows heavily from the typological theories in their assessments; it is designed to fully understand the theory. Personality type theory therefore as defined by Jung identifies two major cognitive operations that is rationality which revolves around thinking and feelings vs. irrationality which are perceiving in nature handling senses and intuitions (Kroeger, Thuesen Rutledge, 2002). These functions were later developed to help identify personalities as either introverts or extroverts. Since personality, types have been disintegrated further into many other types among which we have; the duty fulfiller, such person is very serious and often quiet with much interest in security and peace. Such a person can surely be de pended upon due to their high sense of responsibility and hardworking. We also have the mechanic type of person, such a person often quiet and reserved, their interest is mostly swayed on trying to know how things work in a given way and why such is the case. We also have the idealist personality, this person is reflective and has the urge to serve humanity to the fullest, within the value systems developed, and they always make efforts to stay within them. The other person is the scientist; a scientist is an individual much independent in thinking and always original in their ideas, which are creative and analytical. They are theory transformers into effective plans of action (Kroeger, Thuesen Rutledge, 2002). In the human functions and organizations, it is prudent to understand each individual in their personalities so that effectiveness can be realized in motivation at work places, effective management and communication functions as well as fostered relationships between the sub jects and those they intend to serve (Northouse, 2007). The level at which we understand personality will always help in unlocking a variety of human functions like leadership and even motivation.Advertising Looking for essay on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is also quite easy to understand the underlying personality tests, the knowledge gained from such is important in developing self awareness of and human feeling to help others. The management of individuals is very important since it will define who the leader becomes and who is lead in any form of organized groupings. Personality theories, types and tests are quite applicable in the management of institutions, recruitment of workforce and selection (Kroeger, Thuesen Rutledge, 2002). It also helps to define training needs of any organization. Studies of personality and personality types are therefore vital and must be given a chance for prosperity in our societies. Managing strategic performance Virtual teams in organizations consist of a pool of professionals constituted and working remotely in several locations. The locations may be at the comfort of their homes, co-working offices or the branch offices of large organizations. Irrespective of where an individual works or is stationed, they are normally in the same team and they operate towards the same objectives and aims of the organization. Through modern technology, the members of the virtual teams always collaborate and work as a group/team from wherever they are located, they operate on the same plat form through the application of most modern technology such as web conferencing and instant messaging, Skype and online management software are employed (Gibson Cohen, 2003). Virtual teams across the world have the following general characteristics, which enhance their functions. Executive support; this is a situation where the management is given the role of supporting relation ships to help build trust. Secondly, virtual teams experience effective HR functions, which entail frequent training of staff. The teams are highly structured; this is because virtual teams are mostly successful when the right people are selected. The best workforce for a virtual team performance is a person who is self-reliant and independent in their work and self motivated. The other characteristic is that virtual team organizations have very strong team leaders to steer their roles and functions. Strong leaders are necessary because there are no face-to-face meetings and interaction hence it is hard to build the required trust (Gignac, 2005). Through virtual teams, companies have been in the position of deriving many benefits, which range from cheap salaries and less overhead costs (Gibson Cohen, 2003). Overhead costs are reduced since the company does not need to pay for office space and packing for some of its employees. The company is also in the position of attracting the b est employees since there is no bureaucracy in getting the employees; they as well have a diverse pool to choose. Other benefits include improved communication, facilitated coordination, increased working time hence an improvement in productivity.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Personality and Personality Types specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Diversity and cultural enrichment is a benefit, alongside this, research is facilitated (Gignac, 2005). Virtual teams also have set backs despite having many pros. Some of the demerits include; the method requires new skills from their employees hence more costs in form of trainings and retraining frequently. Organizations trying to adopt this form of operations in their organization face a challenge of difficulty to integrate this culture. It is as well extremely difficult to track the efforts made by its employees hence a difficulty in measuring output; this may fuel wa stage and inefficiency in terms of labor force performance (Zofi, 2012). Lastly, benefits that are accrued from face to face operations are lacking since individuals are working from several location. To effectively facilitate the performance of virtual teams by management, the organization should invest heavily in modern technology among other strategies. Moreover, such technology will facilitate the use of instant messaging to enhance a sense of presence; use of Skype must be embraced while increasing the interval of verbal check-ins. Every employee should be posted online and use of virtual telephone system should be embraced. In addition, the leadership and management should develop a program that will bring the employees to meet at a central physical location occasionally (Zofi, 2012). References Edelstein, L 2006, Writer’s guide to character traits: includes profiles of human behaviors and personality types (2nd ed.), Writer’s Digest Books: Cincinnati, Ohio. Gibs on, CB Cohen, SG 2003, Virtual teams that work creating conditions for virtual team effectiveness, Jossey-Bass: San Francisco. Gignac, F 2005, Building successful virtual teams, Artech House: Boston. Kroeger, O, Thuesen, JM Rutledge, H 2002, Type talk at work: how 16 personality types determine your success on the job (Rev. and updated. ed.), Dell Pub: New York.Advertising Looking for essay on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Northouse, PG 2007, Leadership: theory and practice (4th ed.), SAGE Publications: Thousand Oaks. Zofi, YS 2012, A manager’s guide to virtual teams, American Management Association: New York. This essay on Personality and Personality Types was written and submitted by user Elite to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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The Letter C in French

The Letter C in French The letter C in French is very similar to how we use it in English. It can be hard or soft depending on the letters that follow it, it can have an accent, and the pronunciation changes when combined with other letters.   This quick French lesson will walk you through the various ways to pronounce the letter C. There are even a few examples to practice along the way. Pronunciation The French letter C  is a lot like the C in English. The sound will change depending on if it is followed by a hard or a soft vowel. The French C  can be pronounced in one of two ways: Soft pronunciation - In front of an E, I, or Y, the C is pronounced like an SHard pronunciation - In front of an A, O, U, or a consonant, C is pronounced like a K When a C is in front of a hard vowel but has to be pronounced as a soft C, the accent cà ©dille - à § - is added to make it soft. Thus, à § is never found in front of an E or I  because those are soft vowels. French Words With 'C' With that introduction, lets practice a few C words in French. Given what you just learned, try to pronounce each of these words on your own. Then, check to see how you did by clicking on the word and listening to the proper pronunciation. Run through this exercise as much as needed to perfect your C sounds and expand your vocabulary. cafà ©Ã‚  (coffee)sucre  (sugar)ceinture  (belt)nià ¨ce  (niece)à §a va?  (how are you?)caleà §on  (mens underwear) Letter Combinations With 'C' The letter C is also used in a few common combinations and the C sound will change. As you learn more French, you will come across these quite often, so its good to practice them. CH  - Pronounced like the English SH or like a K.SC  - In front of a soft vowel, it sounds like an S. In front of a hard vowel or consonant, the S and C are pronounced separately and according to their respective rules.As in  sciences  (science) or escargots  (snails).XC - In front of a soft vowel, it sounds like [ks] or the soft X.  In front of a hard vowel or consonant, the X and C are pronounced individually and according to their traditional rules.As in  excentre (outlying) or express (espresso).

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6 summer job opportunities for teachers -TheJobNetwork

6 summer job opportunities for teachers -TheJobNetwork One of the perks of committing your life to the noble profession of teaching is the prospect of a summer off. Yet, many new teachers soon learn that not working during July and August isn’t financially possible. Others just get bored and crave the daily stimulation that comes with holding down a job. No matter what your reason is for taking on summer work, there are quite a few jobs that take advantage of the teaching skills you put to use from September through June. 1. TutorTutoring is probably the most obvious after-school job for teachers; in fact, you might even already provide after-school tutoring sessions for your students. One-on-one instruction can also provide a welcome alternative to the September–June routine if you decide to tutor in a subject different from the one you usually teach. Tutoring tends to pay very well- in the range of $30 to $100 per hour.2. ESL teacherIf you are a foreign language teacher or a multilingual English teacher, a job teaching En glish as a Second Language may be a good fit for you. Like tutoring positions, ESL jobs tend to be one-on-one situations, giving you a break from the difficulties of managing an entire class. You’d also be performing a very valuable service by helping someone communicate better in a country that is still dominantly English-speaking. Part-time ESL teachers tend to make up to $24 per hour.3. Test-prep teacherMost American students are expected to perform well on standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT in order to progress through the educational system. While the classroom is becoming more and more geared toward preparing students for such tests, most students still do the majority of their test prep outside of normal class hours.Since summer is the ideal time for students to get ready for the tests they are required to take, it is also the ideal time for teachers to lead such classes. Instructors for companies such as Kaplan earn about $24 per hour.4. Summer learning program teacherFor many kids, summer learning loss can be a real problem- students forget what they learned during the school year while taking it easy over a long vacation. Summer learning programs can help reduce learning loss by keeping kids in the swing of using their brains. Companies such as Catapult Learning are dedicated to keeping the educational ball rolling during summer months, and they need teachers like you to do the job. The pay is competitive, too- teachers can even earn up to $1,000 a week, depending on the program and subject.5. Camp counselorSo we’ve been focusing a lot on teaching here, but maybe you just need a break from that kind of work for a couple of months a year. Fair enough. You can still take advantage of your ability to communicate with and organize kids as a camp counselor. The activities you plan and perform in the great outdoors may be the perfect alternative to teaching in a cramped classroom during the chillier months. The average camp counselor o nly makes $230 per week, but that figure rises to $310 for head counselors.6. Tour guideLike counseling campers, guiding tours is in the vicinity of teaching without duplicating the work you have to do most of the year. The outdoor parks or sites and museum environments in which tour guides work provide a pleasant break from the typical classroom, yet you’d still be addressing and instructing groups of people. Since there is a wide variety in the kinds of places through which you might guide a tour, there is wide variation in how much you could get paid as a tour guide. The average ranges from $50–$150 per day, which can be a nice supplement to your usual teaching salary.

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Marketing Strategy for DHL Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Marketing Strategy for DHL - Case Study Example DHL is a global company involved in postal services finance and express. In DHL, a fundamental innovation represents a break with the past and fulfills a need that was not previously met. Air conditioners and television sets are examples of fundamental innovations -- both meet previously unfulfilled needs. Their introduction requires considerable change in consumer purchase-and-use habits. A functional innovation requires some change in consumer habits but meets a need previously fulfilled. However, it meets the need in a superior manner. Automatic washers and dryers are examples. It is the least complex of all changes in the innovation spectrum. Minor product changes, color style, and package alterations fall into this category. To become an innovation, an invention or new idea must gain consumer acceptance. Innovation is inextricably intertwined with, and governed by, buyer behavior. Innovation focuses on such behavioral problems as acceptance of new products, brands, services, and processes, the diffusion of marketing information, resistance to change, informal leadership, and acceptance of risk. As a business strategy, innovation greatly affects corporate growth, survival, and profitability. It reflects the changing market wants and needs of customers. Innovation is stimulated by competition. Whenever new products or services are launched, business becomes concerned as to whether customers will accept them, and if they do, how long it will take for innovations to be profitable. Innovation as the M

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HR Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

HR Plan - Assignment Example Samsung Company was incorporated in 1938 in Korea and has steadily grown to be one of the greatest global brands in the digital electronics manufacturing industry. The steady growth of the company is attributed to the effective innovation and competent human resource management (Chang et al, 2012). HR Planning involves the consideration of initiatives and approaches to improve on the performance of an office or department tin an organization without merely being personal (Crim et al, 2013). This paper provides a simulation of HR plan intended for two key positions that are deemed to demand some appraisal going by the experienced performance outputs over the past few years. This HR plan is based on the designated offices in the U.S. section at the Consumer Business division. The offices and personnel selected for appraisal are the Marketing Manager and the Corporate Strategy Officer. The office of the marketing manager of the U.S. section of Samsung Inc has been deemed to be ineffectual in terms of new market niche developments. The target growth rate in terms of penetration has not been up scaling and therefore the need for HR appraisal. This appraisal will look into ways of improving the competency of the staff in the office of marketing manager with a view of facilitating greater data and information to the staff to improve their work. The corporate strategy office at the U.S. section of the Consumer Business division is also considered for further appraisal. This program should elicit for the department greater resources and managerial insights to be able to develop more effective strategies that will defend the niche markets and expand the brand appeal to new segments of the market. It is postulated that with greater brand appeal, the company and the division should almost double its sales and market penetration in the next two years among elite American consumers. The HR Plan will seek to

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The Huffington Post Essay Example for Free

The Huffington Post Essay Introduction I. Open with Impact (Visualization and imagery will be used to tell an impactful story using pathos/emotional appeal. Then state a fact/statistic immediately following the story to persuade the audience using logos/logic. ) We’re getting to those last few weeks of the term; tests piling up and it seems we just have no time for anything but school. Picture this: All weekend long you’re studying for that very important final you have to take on Monday which could easily be your chance to pass the class. You get your good night’s sleep, and you’re feeling great in the morning but you realize you woke up a little bit later than usual. You skip that apple and orange juice on the way out and just head straight to class. You jump straight into the test and halfway through, your stomach starts roaring. You’re starving, you can’t concentrate on the test, you can’t recall any of the things you studied about that whole weekend. You try to finish your test as best you can and you walk out of class knowing you ended up with the grade you know you don’t deserve. II. Thesis statement (Parts 1 2) A recent survey done by the NPD group, the leading market researcher in North America, found that 31 million people choose to not eat breakfast at all. Many people skip that apple and I’m here to tell you about why breakfast can be the most important choice you make in the morning. III. Connect with Audience IV. Preview: I’ll be talking about A. The myths and excuses on why people skip breakfast B. How eating breakfast has a correlation with your grade C. The possible outcomes of skipping breakfast constantly. The first thing I’ll be talking about are the misconceptions and the usual excuses for skipping breakfast. Body I. Main point (Inoculation) Misconceptions and excuses of skipping breakfast breakfast MythFact 1. It’s not that important! 1. A good breakfast provides the nutrients to start your day right. It can help you stay awake and have the energy to get through the morning. 2. Might gain weight! 2. According to WebMD, they say that eating breakfast can actually can help you reach and maintain healthy weight. Can help control appetite and you’ll be eating food when you can best burn the calories 3. No time! 3. How long does it really take to eat a bowl of cereal. Make toast while you’re getting ready to head out and eat it on the way. Some breakfast is better than none. Now that you’ve heard the misconceptions on skipping breakfast, I’ll be talking to you guys about how breakfast can correlate with your grade in class. II. Main point (Graph) Researchers conducted a study at a community college in Texas where they examined the link between eating breakfast and how it affects test scores. A. The students who ate breakfast scored better on the test than those that didn’t. Now I’m not trying to say studying isn’t a big part of doing well in class, what I’m trying to say is that†¦ B. After waking up in the morning, the body needs a fresh supply of glucose or blood sugar which is the brain’s basic fuel. Without it our brain simply doesn’t work as well as it should. People have a harder time understanding new information, attention spans significantly drops and they just don’t remember things well. C. So, bottom line. Eating breakfast can help you do better in school. Now that I’ve shown why you should eat breakfast, I’ll be talking about why you shouldn’t skip it. III. Main point A. Skipping breakfast can hurt your GPA. I know when I skip breakfast, rather than paying attention to the lecture, I doze off and daydream about what I’ll be getting at chipotle later. B. Not only that, your metabolism rates are lower when you skip breakfast. And since you’re starving yourself till lunch, you’re more prone to binge eating and making those unhealthy food choices. So people that want to lose weight, shouldn’t skip breakfast at all. C. And lastly, people that skip breakfast are missing out on bacon and pancakes To end my presentation, I just want you guys to answer these two questions Conclusion I. Call to Action A. Who here is coming with me to Denny’s and ordering that Grand Slam right after class? B. Who here is going to start thinking about not skipping breakfast in the mornings and putting it as one of your priorities sometime soon? â€Å"Thank you. † References: 1. Aubrey, Allison, Roseanne Pereira, and Marc Silver. A Better Breakfast Can Boost a Childs Brainpower. NPR. NPR, 31 Aug. 2006. Web. 01 Dec. 2012. http://www. npr. org/templates/story/story. php? storyId=5738848. 2. Polis, Carey. 31 Million Americans Skip Breakfast Each Day. The Huffington Post. TheHuffingtonPost. com, 11 Oct. 2011. Web. 01 Dec. 2012. http://www. huffingtonpost. com/2011/10/11/31-million-americans-skip_n_1005076. html. 3. Zelman, Kathleem M. Importance of Healthy Breakfast: Why Skipping Is Harmful. WebMD. WebMD, 03 Jan. 0000. Web. 01 Dec. 2012. http://www. webmd. com/food-recipes/most-important-meal.